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8queens software - Healthcare
Both clinics and hospitals use healthcare software for storing patient information in a digital format
  • One of the best clinic software programs we offer is our Primary Health Care ( PHC ) software, which is more productive, efficient, and customizable through better data management, patient tracking, medical billing, lab and inventory management systems, and reporting tools.
  • With our software, you will be able to perform on time and patient-centered care with managed workflow and reminders. This software is a complete and ultimate clinic management and reporting program that gives you the ability to conduct all activities from anywhere at any time.
  • Primary Health Care Software provides end-to-end clinic management. With this software, you can manage, maintain and share your health records which include electronic medical records, electronic prescription writing, drugs databases, lab reports, and more.

Our hospital management software is an all-in-one software system for keeping track of everything from staff details to patient histories, drug information, lab results, and more.