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Digital Marketing Tool
8queens software - Digital Marketing Tool
Companies and marketing professionals use digital marketing tools to create and implement marketing campaigns that successfully promote their products and services.
  • Through Digital Marketing Tools, we promote brands to communicate with potential customers using the internet, social media, and other digital resources. We also provide digital marketing services that help you advertise or market your business online, such as through search engine marketing, social media, and paid advertising.
  • We offer a tool that integrates SMS and email marketing for customer communication. SMS marketing platforms enable businesses and marketers to manage and automate campaigns sent through SMS and Email.
  • With our SMS marketing tools you can empower businesses and marketers by sending marketing and customer service messages in mass, with smart features like Contact list growth tools, Text message delivery time scheduling, Triggering text messages to send at predetermined times.

In addition, we use third party platforms to reach, act, engage and convert your target audience and provide full-service digital marketing including SEO, website design, paid Campaigns, social media, marketing automation, Google Ads, Google Analytics and more.