About Us

About Us

About Us

8Queens is an Enterprise Consulting and IT Services organization, providing solutions around Web portals, Enterprise Applications, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics through On-Premise as well as Cloud solutions.

8Queens team comprises professionals with more than 10+ years’ industry experience and has expertise working with a variety of industry verticals like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Tourism, Retail, Finance, and Education.

Our portfolio of services on Enterprise Solutions includes Design, Development & Implementation, Upgrade & Modernization, Support and Maintenance, Analytics and Reporting, Integration, Mobility, and Managed Services. We put science to work by creating innovative products and solutions that have proved to be increasingly critical to the client’s business success. This is accomplished by helping organizations manage change, manage the lifecycle of information assets, and meet compliance and audit challenges.

Our Work Culture

Teamwork is our passion. We are a group of work specialists who mix knowledge and experience with creativity and enthusiasm. The members of our team are highly qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable industry professionals who are passionate and dedicated to our clients.

We always remember to focus on finding fresh ideas, technological updates. We always think about the basics: thorough research, market analysis, and what the industry demands.

A healthy work culture starts at the top. We believe in Open and honest two-way communication, friendly and collaborative work environment.

We offer great opportunities for interns to learn and develop. On top of theoretical learning, we also provide practical knowledge through live projects.

Why Us

Why Us

Why Us


Our success has been based on the necessity of quality We never compromise on the quality we work on during the last 6 years and so on.


We put great importance on the requirements of our clients and their investments in technology and we are committed to providing the best possible outcomes.


Our experienced professionals with defined processes and protocols enable us to provide expedited business support, consequently, at all levels.


We have achieved what we are today primarily because of our faith in our value system and mission to empower our clients with the right solutions.


8Queens has developed applications for Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, MSME’s, Private Companies which includes leading industries in various fields and leading professionals in the field of Legal, Auditing, Financial Advisory and Consultations.

8Queens has developed several Customized Software as required by the Business Entrepreneurs. We design and develop custom apps for simplifying the routine works of your business, monitoring the day-to-day activities of the employees (Real-time reporting), Planning and task management, Team collaboration, and Easy access to business documents.

Our apps help in the digital transformation of your enterprise by supporting innovation across several areas and which in turn support improving the quality of work, workflow, and productivity of your enterprise.

Technical Competency
Front End HTML5, CSS3, JavsScript, Jquery, BOOTSTRAP 5, Tailwind CSS 3.x, MaterialCSS, React
Languages Node.js, PHP 8.x, Dart
Framework Laravel 10.x, Express Js, Hapi Js, Vue.js, Next.js
Mobile App Flutter, PWA
Database MySql, Maria DB 10.4, MongoDB, Redis, FCM
Server Linux, Digital Ocean, AWS, Google Cloud, Siteground, Cloudways
Testing Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Functional Testing, Non-Functional Testing, API Testing
Repository Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab
Version Control GIT, SVN
Tools Postman, Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime, WinSCP, Cyber Duck, Source Tree
Graphic Design Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Lightroom
Prototype Tools Figma, Adobe XD
Others MVC, OOPS, ORM, OAuth 2.0, API, AJAX, JSON, SOAP, Livewire 3.x, JIRA, Algolia Search, Elastic Search
Working With Us

Since 8Queens has worked with new upcoming entrepreneurs as well as with leading professionals and Business Entrepreneurs, we are expertized to work with any level of professionals and challenges.

Requirements are gathered through meetings, video conferences, or calls at the customer's convenience.

Once we get a clear picture of the project or proposal, we propose a solution for the same. We will explain how the application works (overview) and the process, timeline, pricing structure, etc.

After the discussion and necessary inputs from your side, we will build the product. Upon the completion of the initial state, we will conduct a demo, at your convenience. After deployment, monitoring, and testing of the project, we will make the necessary inputs to complete the project. We will be happy to make the necessary inputs as required by you.

As we are flexible in our approach, we collaborate with you to construct the best approach to the project.